Willows Inn & Resort
The Willows Inn & Resort is located in scenic Charlestown, Rhode Island on historic route 1A.  The Willows is a 15 acre estate nestled right on Foster Cove, a salt water pond.  The Willows has a rich history dating back more than 80 years!  Your hosts The Duhamel family has owned and operated this Inn & Resort since it's humble beginnings and the fourth generation is currently serving it's guests.

We truly offer a little something special for everyone! Our guests can choose from one of our unique stay style options; Motel, Villa, Apartment, Camp, Townhouse or Cottage.  Depending on the size of your party we have stay options to fit your needs.



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"Breakfast Too."
Reviewed August, 2014

"A Stitch in time."
Reviewed July, 2014

"Summer 2014, 4 day stay."

Reviewed July, 2014

"I loved it! Clean, campy fun!"
Reviewed June 29, 2014

"A lovely weekend!"
Reviewed June 23, 2014